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Gonzalo Marinucci
+49 (0) 1633054111
Königs Wusterhazsenerstr. 35, 15741, Bestensee. Germany



This is a Surf Rock band with a Psychedelic taste. Songs are in English, Spanish and German, also only instrumental.

On the stage, they are the fire, sounding like Water Guitars, Air Bass and wild Earth Drums, for an invocational Ritual of the dimensional change of this Galaxy and the blinking materialization like an Atom in this Hydrogen.

The Argentinian Front Vocalist, Guitarist, composer Gonzalo Marinucci brought this project from Argentina to Europe on 2011 after their first Gigs, in 2012 came to Berlin and here got a better injection of continuity.

His Curly shaking movements are not the only charm they have. Pablo and his groovy hips and Fran with a nonstop humor.

Acuario Cosmico gives not only their Energetic music but also a funny craziness which will elevates your perception of reality.


Gonzalo Marinucci - Guitar / Voice

Michael Merkt - Bass / Backing Vocals

Francisco Ricchieri - Drums



05.12.2018 Release Album and Wild Wednesday at Wild at Heart
02.09.2018  Feldmusik en Tempelhoferfeld

02.09.2018  Support Leticia Soma at Wild at Heart

23.08.2018  Support Morbo y Mambo at Hangar49

17.08.2018  Subacuatica Night & Friends in Forum Factory

11.08.2018  OBOA Sommerfest
03.08.2018  Nord Nordost Surf Film Festival Berlin

19.07.2018  El Plan de la Mariposa atHangar 49

11.06.2018  Freiland Sommerfest 

19.05.2018  Blue Cat Night Pre-release in Kantine am Berghain
23.11.2017  Unterwasser Party in Hangar 49






This is an Upcoming release from 2018 signed by the label Blue Cat Music .

Recorded a quarter of it in the Universität der Künst Berlin by Julian Moritz, Alex Richter. 

The other seventifive percent by the composer in Bestensee Studio between 15.02.2017 and 20.04.2018

Mixed and Mastered by Damian Regozini.

This is inspired in the channel of different Beings in outer space, the new Astrological wave with a cloud break in some autobiographical lyrics.

Sounding with a big influence of the root surf music in contemporaneous times of recording methods, it also has their spice of electronic synthesized instruments that the city of Berlin gives.

It is tuned in 432mhz for the healing process that only Rock&Roll can give.



Upcoming Album


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